Sunday, October 18, 2009

Josh and the Golden Ring

The days of Autumn are getting shorter here in Cloverdale. Shorter days bring colder temperatures and that means today was Josh Clifford’s last fishing day until Spring. Josh spent the day on Miller’s pond. When he gets home, his father will help him put his fishing gear away on the top shelve in the garage.

Josh had a couple bites but nothing more. It was disappointing - as far as the fishing was concerned. However, the entire day was not without its rewards. While casting his line Josh lost his footing and fell into the muddy pond. As he struggled to stand, his hand felt something hard and cold embedded in the mud. He clenched his fist to gather it up and crawled out of the water. Once back on dry land, Josh opened his fist and saw a sparkle that made his heart leap. He found a gold ring. He bent over, washed the mud away, and made a careful examination of his new treasure. He deducted it was a man’s ring by its size. On closer examination, he found writing, circling the inner part of the ring. The writing was written in a language he couldn’t read. The words were spelled with a strange alphabet with lots of swirls and curls.

There was something about the ring that drew Josh to it. He felt the ring calling to him - bonding with him. He took the ring and slipped it over his finger. To his amazement the ring shrank to fit. It was tight enough to stay on yet loose enough to take off. Josh's eyesight was also effected by wearing the ring. The world lost its color. Everything looked to be a shaded in blacks, browns and whites. Nature’s colors returned the moment he took it off.

Josh put the ring back on, grabbed his fishing pole and started for home. He decided to take the ring off before his parents saw it. They would take it from him to find the owner. Josh wouldn’t allow that. He was the ring’s new owner. He found it. It was Precious to him .

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