Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Pumpkin Pitch. Highlight of the Festival and Fair.

Sunday in Cloverdale.
Got up.
Rearranged the pictures once again. Still not happy with my selection. Luckily I've got a few days to make the final decision. Oh, I caught my nosey neighbor with her face pressed up against my kitchen window. I'm surprised she didn't break the glass with the pressure she was exerting against the glass in her vain attempt to see what I had hanging over the fireplace. She disappeared the instant she saw me, leaving a beautiful skin oil face print on the glass. This entire situation must be driving her around the bend. I'm expected a knock at my door any hour now. I'll open the door and she will thrust a measuring cup in my face asking if she could borrow a cup of sugar.

The upcoming festival was all everyone talked about at church. In Sunday School the missionaries took the entire time running us through simulations on how to approach fair goers in hopes of striking up a conversation that would lead to missionary discussions. They distributed a prompt sheet for every booth listed on the Fair Notice. This is an example for the Ice Cold Well Water Booth.
"Ice Cold Well Water Booth. Wait for someone to start drinking the ice cold water. Walk up to them and say, "I see you are really thirsty. I'll bet that cold water really quenches your thirst. Have you ever thought about giving living water to your soul?"

During the pig judging contest the missionary prompt sheet says:
"As the pigs are being judged walk up to someone and say. "I see you're interested in the pig judging. Did you know that the Lord once said that we should not throw our pearls before swine? Do you know what that means. Can we share a short message with you that could change your life?

After church it was home, a nice lunch and a quick nap before catching the train for the border and back to The Other World for another week of work. I'm taking the pictures with me to ponder over as we go clickity Clack down the Railroad Track for Fernwood on the Moor and then The Other World.

Would you like to know about another Harvest Festival and Fair event that is sure to draw a huge crowd?
Its the event I wouldn't miss for the world.
The One and Only Cloverdale Harvest Festival and Fair's Pumpkin Throwing Contest sponsored by Reggie Fulton and the Army of the Forlorn (See the post of January 18, 2009) and the Dibley in the Dale's Legionaries. These two war gaming clubs will be pitting the Forlorn's air cannon against the Legionaries'
Trebuchet. Pumpkins will be supplied by Cloverdale's very own Piggly Wiggly. What a mess they make but wickedly funny as they hurdle pumpkins up and over Highway 1 and into the Comprehensive School's soccer pitch. Everyone is welcome to stand on the school's pitch and collect what's left of the pumpkins after touch down. Some land in tact - very few.

You kind readers that live in The Other World really need to come to Cloverdale for the Fair and Festival. You know how to get here. Take the Coastal Express to Fernwood on the Moor and then on to Cloverdale. Don't forget your passport. We don't let just anybody in don't you know. Spend a great deal of money for worthy causes, enjoy delicious food and the best company we Dunces can provide. A day in Cloverdale is a day not taken off the total allocated days in your life making that day - a free day. Can anything be grander?

And now I'll be saying goodbye. I hear someone knocking at the front door. You know who it is. Nosey Nettle.

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