Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jules and the Big Daddy Circus Sucker

Jules Patton has a good understanding of the ups and downs of life. This unusual knowledge could be the result of a never ending cycle of cause and effect.

Jules visits Dr. Norvelkan, the Patton family dentist. Dr. Norvelkan is new to Cloverdale, having arrived six months ago from Tamworth on Tide. His practice is situated in what was once the bakery department of the Piggly Wiggly. He chose the Piggly Wiggly, reasoning that if banks open branches in grocery stores than why not dentists? He imagined how convenient it would be for parents to have an in store dentist. They shop while their children get a check up. His reasoning seemed sound, besides, the Piggly Wiggly gave him a great deal on the rent with an added bonus of first pick from the merchandise with expired sell by dates.

Mrs. Patton gives Jules to Dr. Norvelkan’s receptionist. In exchange the receptionist give her a shopping cart. Giving his patient’s parents a shopping cart was another brilliant idea of Dr. Norvelkan. Once again, providing a service to make shopping and dentistry more enjoyable.

The receptionist promptly places Jules in a child’s walking harness thus giving him just enough freedom of movement to roam without becoming a danger to himself or to others.

Jules is removed from the harness and led into the examination room when his time is announced. The receptionist straps him into a child’s car seat This is when Jules screams bloody murder. That is why Dr. Norvelkan insisted on extra padding and sound insulation for his exam room.

Jules will scream and kick as do most children until Dr. Norvelkan enters the room. They shut up immediately once they see the Big Daddy Circus Sucker in his hand The sucker is placed over the child’s head in a specially constructed holder in the light above the exam chair. The child wants the sucker. The child is promised the sucker if he will be a good boy and follow the dentist’s directions.

Most children comply. They want the sugar and know what they have to do to get it. At the end of the exam the receptionist uses the store’s intercom and calls for the mother. Mrs. Patton arrives to collect a smiling young Jules. She is happy because he is happy. He is happy because he is holding the Big Daddy Circus Sucker (which sells for $3.49 near check stand 5). And finally, Dr. Norvelkan is happy because Jules is happy and mother is happy and the Big Daddy Circus Sucker is guaranteed to produce a minimum of 2 cavities on Jules return visit. Two cavities means money in the bank which means a home, car and money for movies.

It is cause and effect. Boy goes to dentist. Boy gets Big Daddy Circus Sucker. Boy eats sucker. Boy gets cavities. Boy goes to dentist. Cavities are filled. Money received. Money deposited in the bank. Boy goes to dentist. Boy gets Big Daddy Circus Sucker. Boy eats sucker. Boy gets cavities............ A cycle of cause and effect..

And now, the sun is setting on Cloverdale. Jules has an upset tummy and won’t be eating the healthy supper his mother prepared to counter the effect of the sugar. People are heading home from work and the 5:45 P.M. is pulling out of Cloverdale’s Train Station.

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