Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Email from the Sea View Fun Park.

This is the last weekday Tamworth on Tide’s Sea View Fun Park will be open for the summer season of 2009. Next week, Sea View will open weekends only. Attendance numbers drop sharply when the Confederacy’s schools open.

I’m writing this while parked on a bench watching the setting sun. The Lady Belle’s Swings circle overhead, accompanied by melodies played on a real steam driven pipe organ. I'm seriously hoping one of the kiddies doesn't get sick and toss their partially digested hot dog and chips over my head. Talk about stomach acid rain! Speaking of upset stomachs, I rode the Lady Belle once today, that was enough. It made me nauseous so I decided to give this one a rest when the younglings demanded another spin. Don't know what's wrong with me. There was a time when I challendged the most fearsome rides at Sea View and won. Those times are gone, sadly to say. After one spin ride I'm seeing green, tasting green, smelling green, and looking green.

Now I'm finding enjoying with a new favorite pass time - people watching. You'll see many of us gray hairs on the benches engaged in this wonderful geriatric eye exercise (if we aren't chin to chest asleep). Right now I see Families lined up at the concession stands looking for something inexpensive for supper. Good luck! We all know how pricey and indigestible amusement park food can be. Aren't some parents spineless though? I see several who've surrendered to their whining kid's demands. Instead of a beef burger and chips, Junior and Missy got the Candy Floss and caramel apple. A pandemic of upset tummies later tonight will be the price to pay.

The cool evening breeze carries the smell of the sea. Parents are feeling the chill and calling it a day, walking toward the car park with children, coolers, towels and arcade soft toys in tow. Memories of a wonderful summer spent on the rides and in the arcade will remain as digital photos in the computer. Sea View is a magical place.

The Lady Belle is winding down. Time to give up my bench seat, gather the younglings and try to convince them to spend thirty minutes in Park Theater for the live musical variety show. They won't like it and I really can't blame them. Tonight is their last chance to ride the rides so I expect excessive whining. I'm prepared for it and won't buckle under. I'll bargain if I need to. If they attend the theater with me, I'll agree to buy them anything they want from the Sugar Shack outside the Wildemere Arcade. A reminder that I paid for their park tickets will add just the right amount of guilt to force them to agree to my terms.

So I’ll leave you with my warmest wishes.


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