Monday, July 20, 2009

Carlos and Kate's Big Night Out

Kate and Carlos Kellogg live on the 3rd floor of Lilac Green Apartments in Cloverdale. Kate runs the desk at Cloverdale’s Public Baths and outdoor pool. Carlos works for the Shire’s Roadworks Department.

Tonight the couple are celebrating Carlo’s recent promotion to senior flagman. Senior Flagman are responsible for the busier side of the road.
“Carlos knows his roads and has real people skills,” reported Walter Bernard, Carlo’s immediate supervisor and manager of the village’s four stoplights. “I’ve seen Carlos work miracles with the evening traffic rush. He handles the sign well, always gets it pointed in the right direction. A less experienced flagman might angle the sign incorrectly. The approaching motorist wouldn’t see the stop or go. That, my friend, is how accidents happen.
Carlos enjoys a good chatter with motorists while he has them stopped for the road works. He tells jokes to shorten the time. He keeps his pockets' full of sweets for the waiting kids. Now who else takes such pride in their work?”

Tonight Kate is wearing her authentic simulated mink coat, protected by Duraband silicon spray (for the nasty spills). She loves her mink because it symbolizes their love for each other. Kate wanted the coat in place of a wedding ring. Carlos couldn’t be bothered one way or the other.
“It was her decision. Sugar Baby gets what she wants.” Carlos said in an article announcing his promotion in yesterday’s edition of The Trumpet, Cloverdale’s weekly newspaper.

The couple’s plans for the evening are closely guarded to avoid harassment from Newman Lloyd, Cloverdale’s one paparazzi. Newman has instructions from The Trumpet to do a followup story on Carlos’s promotion and its effect on his family and friends. Newman is waiting outside on his two stroke Millman Scooter. Kate spotted him from the kitchen window.

Avoiding Newman is no easy task but Kate and Carlos have things well in hand. They plan on exiting the apartment building through the back hallway. Once outside they’ll make a left at the dumpster, walk down the alley and out onto Baker’s Lane where Cloverdale’s taxi will be waiting.

Their evening out begins with a stop at Wimpey Burger. The couple plan on ordering ‘The Works’ (triple burger with cheese with every topping possible, vinegar fries and a jumbo sized licorice shake). It’s a real splurge but they feel they can afford it on account of the 2% raise Carlos received because of his promotion. After their supper the couple will take the air along the canal. The walk will end at Cloverdale’s Grand Theater. .

Carlos is wearing his sunglasses. It is a bit odd to wear sunglasses at night but according to Carlos, famous people do it all the time.
“Famous people use sunglasses to mask their true identity.” Carlos said while checking his wallet for the two tickets he pre booked for tonight’s showing of The Pink Panther. “I’ll wear them ‘til the excitement wears down. It’s all part and parcel when you get your name in the papers. Its a different world up here at the top.”

After the movie the couple will stop at the Piggy Mart for a Slurpee and a sweet. Carlos is partial to Babe Ruths. Kate is considering a Milky Way bar or perhaps a Charleston Chew. She hasn’t decided but isn’t in a hurry. She has all evening to make up her mind.

Congratulations to Carlos and Kate, the village's newest celebrities.

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