Saturday, June 27, 2009

Miss Esther and The Lake of Sorrows

Melancholy days are blanketed with rain. The sun drifts as if lost, trying to find its way through the clouds. A cold wind carries time on its shoulders.

This is a melancholy day for Miss Esther. She stands on the shore of an ice blue lake crowned with soft waves and searches the distant shore to find the line where the water and sky merge.

Someone dear to her passed away in a country far away. Her friend brightened her dark days with such a music not heard before, and for that she will always be grateful. His voice was universal and in his passing a small part of her passed also.

And so, Miss Esther stands on the shore of the Lake of Sorrows to say goodbye, alone and with her thoughts.

The sun returns tomorrow reminding her to seek joy in all the days of her life.

The beat goes on and on and on......

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