Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eva Wang and the Dr. Seuss Style Cut

This is Eva Wang. She is the daughter of Dr. Walter Wang and Mrs. Rosemary Wang. Dr. Wang is the owner of Wang Chiropractic and Spinal Care Centre of Cloverdale. Rosemary Wang is a student at Cloverdale’s “A Cut Above the Rest” Beauty Academy.

Last year, Rosemary studied hair cutting and style using wigs on mannequins. Now, as a second year student, she works on live subjects. The Academy offers heavily discounted (pretty darn cheap) haircuts to anyone that will allow a second year student access to their hair. Business has been slow. The students can wait several hours before someone comes through the door. The walk-in's usually ask for a senior, not a second year student. This gives the second years little opportunity to practice on people.

When walk-in's and appointments are non existant and the three fourths off a hair cut and style coupon in the Handy Mailer Coupon Book can't bring in cutomers, the Academy will take its second year students to the senior citizen centers in Cloverdale , Dibley in the Downs and Tamworth on Tide. Free hair cuts and styling are offered to the residents. The students dislike these geriatric cuts for two primary reasons:
1. The men have barely enough hair to pull through your fingers for a cut.
2. The women want the heavily lacquered - bouffant style of the 50’s.

Any senior citizen with pride in their appearance will arrange to be elsewhere on the days “A Cut Above the Rest” shows up in their minivan. Any second year student with an ounce of pride in their work will arrange to log their required coursework cutting hours on their friends, their friends children, and their own family.

Two days ago Miss Fanora, Master Stylist, walked into the Parlor and announced that because of no volume in the studio all students were to report to the minivan for a field trip to Withering Heights Home for the Elderly and Manic Depressed. Rosemary slipped out the door, ran to the pay phone in the Academy’s parking lot and called home. Walter was elbow deep in a spinal realignment and couldn't take the call. Eva was watching TV in the living room. "Eva, answer the phone," Walter shouted from his clinic. The clinic occupied two rooms on the ground level of the Wang's two story home. Eva answered the phone.
“Eva, tell daddy to bring you to the school right now. Mommy’s going to make you beautiful again.” It wasn't the sound of her mother's voice that sent Eva into hysterics, it was what she said. Eva's hair was going to be pulled, prodded and cut into something Eva wouldn't want. What could she do, except cry?

Walter rushed into the living room to see what had happened. “What is it pumpkin?” he asked.
“Mom want’s you to take me to her school again,” Eva managed to say between sobs. Walter understood. He comforted his daughter, quickly snapped a few of Max Whezers bones and sent him on his way.

Rosemary was exempted from the field trip because of an appointment. Eva and Walter arrived. Rosemary promised a stunning creation Eva would be proud of. She promised the Dr. Seuss look. Eva agreed because Dr. Seuss was her favorite author.

One hour later the cut and style was over. Rosemary’s instructor inspected her work and gave her an A on originality and a B on implementation. Eva was shocked and wondered what everyone would say at school. Walter listened closely to what Rosemary said about her creation and mirrored the same reaction to her. He learned to do that years ago. It kept peace in the family. Besides hair was not his cup of tea.

Friends, may I present Eva Wang and her new hair style, Little Seuss, compliments of her mother and “A Cut Above the Rest Beauty Academy”.

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