Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day in Cloverdale

The Norland Twins of 21 Spruce Drive, Cloverdale made this wonderful breakfast for their mother Wilma. Dad went to the store to buy bacon and told the twins to wait to make the toast until he got home. Little Lori was impatient and searched the kitchen for something else to use instead of bacon. The twins were ecstatic when they found bacon in the bag where dad gets treats for Buster their dog. If the bacon was good enough for Buster then it would be good enough for Mom. They put it in the microwave for one minute, put it on the plate and the rest is history. A Mother's Day Wilma Norland will never forget.

This is the gift I bought my sister to give my mother. My mother likes to talk to trees. My sister's children tell me she does the same thing. Eerie isn't it? I wonder if it is genetic?
I wonder if the trees talk back? I kinda want to know and I kinda don't. Best to leave it......

Mother Mulligan is the proud mother of eleven catholic children. The Mulligans started the day by going to Mass at St. Bartholomew's. Afterwards, the eleven children gave Mother Mulligan this card and a promise to keep their yaps shut during their traditional Mother's Day lunch at Wimpy Burger in Cloverdale. All eleven Mulligan children honored their word. Mother Mulligan said it was the best Mother's Day gift she's ever received.

Now isn't this the perfect place for a Dunce to buy his mother a Mother's Day gift? Frank Dewy, owner of the 99 cent store, says Mother's Day sales aren't the greatest - thank heaven for that, but you can't fault him for trying?

John Hardy ordered Olivia Hardy to stay in bed so he could fix breakfast and serve her in bed.
That was 8:00 A.M. By 10:00 A.M. Olivia became concerned. No sign of her husband and certainly nothing to eat. She got up to search. One look into the Kitchen nearly sent her to the floor in a dead faint. What had he done? The front door opened and in walked John. He gave up in the Kitchen and drove to McDonalds to purchase 'The Big Breakfast'. They spent the next hour cleaning up his attempt to make eggs, toast and coffee.

The Pennyworths were having a wonderful time on their traditional Mother's Day family outing. Little Franz wanted to play with the birdies. Mother Pennyworth said no. Franz forgot it was Mother's Day and the lecture his dad gave him on being good. Franz broke free. This picture tells the rest of the story. The Pennyworth's outing was interrupted while they searched for the nearest public restroom.

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