Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday Frights by Albert Myer

Albert Myer (Scar)

By day Albert Myer is a Senior at Cloverdale’s Comprehensive School. The Head Master refers to him as 'dark with a twist of bizarre'. The students describe him as 'deep'. On weekends and evenings Albert is known as Scar, an artist extraordinaire. He entertains at children’s birthday parties with his own unique brand of face painting.

Scar’s birthday package includes a unique face painting for each party guest, a macabre birthday cake which looks like it came straight from the kitchen of the Adam’s Family, black balloons and skeleton ice cream sticks. Each Scar party ends with the telling of a gruesome tale guaranteed to put the party guests in their parent’s beds for the next fortnight.

One of Scar's Masterpieces at Little Ronnie Applegate's tenth birthday party

Albert seems to have found a niche in the birthday party market. He is perfect for the odd child that finds cute stuffed animals and pin the tale on the donkey horrifyingly grotesque. And according to his weekly schedule there are many of them in our community.

What do Cloverdale’s parents think of Albert Myer? Surprisingly, most parent’s surveyed approve of his unique approach to the traditional ‘birthday party’. Kids seem to love it, and as long as each child tells his or her parents that they loved the party, parents prefer not to know any further details. Willful ignorance is the creed many of today’s parents live by. They don’t have the time or the stamina to worry about their job, the bills, and their children. Truly something must give, and when their choice is correct supervision of their children - Scar steps in to take advantage of the vacuum by becoming the Dark Pied Piper of Cloverdale.

To book a Scar event call Filmore 3542.

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