Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Robby Dumple and his Genie

As far as Genies go Ballozar is pretty much at smoke's end. After a long and illustrious career spanning twelve hundred hears his lamp has fallen into the hands of little Robby Dumple of Glenmore Close in Cloverdale. Imagine appearing in Cloverdale after serving in such cities as Constantinople, Athens, Rome, Carthage and Alexandria. If a Genie's luck can run out then his has.

His lamp has been traded for centuries from shop to bazaar to roadside inn to flea market. Most of his owners recognized the shape of the lamp but weren't pure enough in heart to summon him. According to Genie code only those pure in heart can call a Genie forth.

Ballozar was last summoned by a man named Levi. He was a shoe maker in Jerusalem over five hundred years ago. Levi’s three wishes were simple - A good meal, the best leather for his shoes and a healing from his arthritis. Once the wishes were granted, it was Levi’s responsibility to pass the lamp on to another good and wise man.
Ballozar doesn’t know his lamp's history after the granting of Levi's last wish. He was held in the lamp in a state of limbo until summoned by his next master. That occurred three months ago.

One morning he was suddenly woken from his centuries of sleep and coalesced into human form in a child's play room. He looked for his owner. The room seemed empty. His confusion was interrupted by a sound. It came from below. He looked toward the floor and saw a child holding his lamp. The boy’s eyes were as wide as shekels.
“Master, I am Ballozar and you have....” Ballozar’s introduction was interrupted by Robby’s horrific screaming. Ballozar heard footsteps outside the door and vaporized into the lamp. Genie Code forbids a Genie to be seen by anyone other than his or her master.

For weeks Ballazor was summoned. For weeks the child screamed, forcing a tactical retreat back into the bottle. This cycle seemed never ending

Then one day Ballazor was summoned again. He coalesced before the boy.
“Master, I am Ballozar and you have,” He stopped and waited for the screaming. Instead he heard silence. A smile appeared on Robby’s face. Then giggling. The baby was giggling and clapping his hands in an awkward way.
“You have three wishes. Your wish is my command.” He hovered with arms outstretched in a half bow before the boy.
No response. Then laughter. The laughter was followed by heavy drooling from the mouth down the chin and onto the shirt. Ballozar noticed a large amount of nose discharge as well spread from cheek to cheek. A child’s way of wiping his nose with his hand and not doing a very good job of it.

Today Ballozar is pretty much at his smoke’s end. He is summoned repeatedly throughout the day and each time he suffers the same humiliation of entertaining a child who can’t wish for a thing. His ears are assaulted with gurgling and half talk. His eyes feast on drool and a runny noise and more often than not his nose smells the distinct order of a dirty diaper.

The life of a Genie is not an easy one. The life of a Genie with a child for a master is nearly unbearable.

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