Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jilane's Birthday Pizzas.

Hello Friends,
It's Saturday night in Cloverdale. We've returned from The Pizza Factory where we celebrated my sister Jilane's birthday. She's older than forty three and younger than forty five. That's all I can say because she would get upset if I told anyone her real age. The weather is as nice as its gets for a Spring evening in the Confederacy of Dunces. It's one of those evenings where a nice walk would be a perfect way to top off the evening (as long as there wasn't something decent to watch on TV and the lint trap didn't need cleaning on the dryer).

The conversation was acceptable around the table. At my 12 o'clock was the Mother Superior Luella Mae. Turning clockwise sat Kennedy, Jilane, Brock, Yours Truly, Chaz, Kevin and finally Brooklyn. We were surrounded by couples dressed for prom. Young ladies that actually looked like young ladies in their dresses and make up. The ladies were accompanied by young Gentlemen that looked like they could be trusted with the young ladies.

Where did these prom traditions come from? I'm inclined to think the idea of Prom originated from young ladies who spent far too much time as little girls reading fairy tales. As young girls they pictured themselves in the arms of their very own Prince Charming waltzing the marble floors of a grand palace. In reality, their Prince Charming turns out to be a pimpled faced lurpy boy who is lucky to be able to string a few sentences together to make a coherent stream of thought. Their palace is the high school gym decorated with dozens of balloons - some of which have lost so much helium they are flying at half mast. Instead of a Viennese Waltz they are swept into a passionate dance consisting of rocking back and forth in an endless time warp. A fairy tale night costing an arm and a leg. Now let's be honest, wouldn't a night of bowling and pool top that?

Cloverdale's Pizza Factory, a close cousin to the one in Pleasant Grove, had two new speciality pizza's on their menu - The Candy Lovers Delight. Jilane lubricated the table top with the drippings from her mouth when she saw them. She shot up from her chair, crawled over the table, found the waitress and physically carried her to our table to take the order.

The pizzas were delivered after a few diet cokes and a bread stick or two. Now........ I'm waiting on your comments. Do they look delicious to you? Jilane loved them. What she didn't eat she took home for later.

Personally, I thought they were digestible but the combination of jelly beans, marshmallows and tomato paste was just too far out there for my liking. My stomach thinks its on a triple loop roller coaster. I took an extra antacid with hopes of sleeping soundly tonight.

So, happy birthday to Jilane. And good night from my Wit's End in Coverdale.


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