Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maurice Moss and his Wonderland Bakery

Maurice Moss opened his bakery in Cloverdale in 1968. Baker Moss is known throughout the Confederacy for his culinary creations of exquisite delights. His shop is a wonderland for the old and young alike.

“Its Magic,” said Amberlynn Abby as she accompanied her mother on a recent visit to acquire a birthday cake for her eleventh birthday. She moved from display case to display case, nose pressed up against the glass examining each creation with the same attention to detail a mother gives a newborn.
“Take your time dear,” said Ariel Abby as she sat by the window with a cup of warm cocoa and a whipped wonderland, a cupcake of moist devil’s food cake topped with four varieties of fresh buttermilk frostings and crowned with a coronet of fresh whipped cream. Ariel was always on a diet but there were days when the fragrance from the bakery's ovens warmed the air of High Street drawing shoppers into the enchanted world and his marvels.

Amberlynn found her cake - a toadstool village; afterwards she and her mother remained at Moss’s for the next quarter hour bathed in the fragrance of fresh bread and pastry delights. They sat by the sixteen squared window and watched their friends and neighbors stop and look through the glass to admire the beautiful creations.
Mrs. Abby looked at her watch. It was time to go. Mother and daughter stood, thanked Baker Moss, and stepped out onto the High Street to carry on with their lives in our hamlet of happiness - Cloverdale.

Come visit us. We will keep the light on for you
and a Moss cupcake waiting in the cupboard.

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