Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lin Woo our Newest Dunce in the Confederacy.

Lin Woo during a Morning Jog

Lin Woo was found early one morning standing at the border crossing between the Confederacy and the Other World. His family abandoned him in the middle of the night. He was wearing a note pinned to his shirt. The note read:
“This is Lin Woo. We don’t know what to do with him. He loves to jog half nude. The neighbor children throw snowballs and rocks at him. The police keep bringing him home. We are at our wits end. He is an embarrassment to our family. We heard about this place called the Confederacy of Dunces and thought he would fit in with you. Please take him. His belongings and his saving are in the suitcase. Please look after him. We love him but can no longer look after him.”
Lin Woo was taken to the Cloverdale’s Welcome Shelter where he stayed while arrangements were made.

Today Lin Woo is happy. He jogs every morning without a shirt. He doesn’t bother anyone. He is just a bit ‘different’ but so are the rest of us in the Confederacy. Lin has a small apartment in the basement of Cloverdale’s Hardware Hank where he works as a janitor.

The Confederacy Welcomes our Newest Arrival - Lin Woo.

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  1. Mr. Woo is witfully & woefully weathering the weather to withstand a wonderful welcoming into Wonderland.....

    or just advertising his intentions of joining Cloverdale's Adam & Eve Nudist Colony.