Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Plea from Cloverdale's Police Department.

     Cloverdale's Police Department knows how upset the village children get when given something healthy in their trick or treat bags on Halloween. Last year, six Cloverdale children were arrested for torching Mel Lampke's car. Mel bravely (or stupidly) rewarded their heartfelt and enthusiastic "TRICK OR TREAT" with small boxes of raisins. The result was photographed by one of the children themselves.  Mel declined to press charges, saying the old junker was ready for the scrapyard anyway.
     "There are other ways to express outrage," the Chief Constable said while making the rounds, classroom to classroom, at the village primary school. "Have you considered smashing pumpkins on driveways or soaping windows?"
     "What would YOU do if someone gave you a toothbrush for tricks or treats?" asked one sixth grader.
     The Chief Constable thought long and hard then raised his forefinger. "A toothbrush...... now that's a tough one. I'd call that unforgivable."  The class cheered having made their point with the local cop. "You all call me if you get a toothbrush in your Halloween bag and I'll be down in a flash with my Tazer. We'll soon put a stop to that kind of anti-Halloween behavior."
     Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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  1. Those strange kids in front of the burning car will give me nightmares.