Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr. Tosca Works the Graveyard Shift. Milo Doesn't Seem to Understand

The Tosca's live outside Cloverdale on Highway 1. They are new to Cloverdale having immigrated to the Confederacy one year ago. They are the exhausted parents of Milo, one very hyperactive child. Milo loves to run, jump and shout his way through the day with little regard for his father's sleeping. You see, Mr. Tosca is working the grave yard shift at Cloverdale's Electrical Substation while the normal graveyard manager takes time off for a medical condition. Mrs. Tosca tries her best to keep Milo subdued while her husband sleeps but, without super human powers, she can't track Milo every minute of the day.

Yesterday Mrs. Tosca left Milo to her husband's care while she left for an hour to help a friend. He had to wake up early to watch the boy. He wasn't happy. When she returned she found Milo restrained on the couch with husband beside him reading the paper. Milo wasn't panicked.

"How could you tie and gag our son?" she questioned.
"It was either that or put him up for adoption on the roadside," he replied.

The matter was dropped. Mrs. Tosca will not be leaving Milo with his father until his time on the graveyard shift ends.

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