Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Henry Snordbee, A Danger to Himself?

Henry Snordbee lives in Snordbee Cottage, Cloverdale. He is proud of his independence. His family has tried repeatedly to commit him to the care of Cloverdale's Nearly There Home for the Elderly and Insane. Each time resulted in a court challenge. Each challenge was defeated. Henry celebrates each court victory by hanging a red star in his front window. A drive by his home will show the six stars currently displayed. His children are not happy and vow to continue their effort, saying he is a danger to himself and the neighborhood because of his forgetful ways.

Henry does have his forgetful moments but quickly reminds the social workers that every senior does. Yes, he nearly burnt his home to the ground four times. Yes, he has forgotten to collect his mail, pay his taxes, collect his newspapers, etc. Yes, he forgets to fill his car with gas, blocking traffic. Yes he forgets red zones are for no parking and has, on occasion, confused the gas pedal with the brake (luckily with no injuries to himself or to others). He claims to have Heaven's only Guardian Angel forced to work overtime.

Perhaps some day Henry will lose his case and committed to the Home. But until them, Henry will cherish his independence and take great joy in driving his children to drink.

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