Friday, October 1, 2010

Cloverdale Lab Looking for Test Subjects

This ad appeared in yesterday's Confederacy Times, Cloverdale's biweekly newspaper. This month the Times will be delivered to your yard, roof or neighbor's yard by an air cannon mounted on the roof of Cloverdale's Comprehensive School and operated by members of the School's Science Fiction Club, the SciFives and the school's math club - who will calculate the trajectories (the Times makes an acceptable donation to both clubs for the service, the money from which pays their train fare to the SciFi Festival held every November at Tamworth on Tide). Many members of the clubs already responded to this ad.

Filroy at Last Year's SciFi Convention at
Tamworth on Tide

"Filroy's father and I are so please he's decided to enroll in this year long program," said Mrs. Bloom as she explained her reasons for requesting a year's absence for her son from school. "We're hoping he will make some new friends and, well... Making normal friends is more than enough." As a side note she added, "Besides, he meets the only qualification listed. Filroy loves cake."


  1. Dear ,

    The ad which you have posted has been in circulation for some time now. The test itself was unable to be completed because test subject 20512 caused significant damage to the testing facility, and then fled. She didn't even want her cake! The minimal results of the test will be sent to you.


  2. Uh huh this sounds trouble! Bet Dr.Frankenstein is laughing his head off some where *shudders*