Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daffodil Umbrella Works Celebrates 100 Years!

The Daffodil Umbrella Works in Cloverdale celebrated its 100th anniversary on October 22nd. The Works opened its doors on October 22, 1910 in the old St. Philips Anglican Church. Thousands and thousands of their signature yellow umbrellas circle the planet today.

Opening a Daffodil Umbrella on a rainy day is considered by many to be status symbol. If one owns a Daffodil it would be expected that one would also drive a Rolls Royce and vacation in Monte Carlo. The Daffodil's patented dark yellow speaks of quality construction with only the finest materials, something the founder of the company, Philo Saffron, insisted upon.

Philo Saffron, Founder of the Daffodil Umbrella Works,
Cloverdale 1911.
Photo take 21 years before his untimely death due to old age.

The anniversary was a spectacular success complete with entertainment provided by Cloverdale's very own Moonbeam Quartet.

Cloverdale's Moonbeam Quartet
(Available for your special event. Please call. Please.)

The Moonbeams have delighted audiences for three years with their lively repertoire of simple shire melodies. Fireworks followed the entertainment, dinner and dance.

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