Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Salvation Army Thrift Store's Back to School Extravaganza

General Junkell and his lovely wife Shirley are the managers of the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the High Street in Coverdale. They urge you to spend your back to school dollars at the Thrift Store, where your hard earned money buys more for less.

The Confederacy Times, Cloverdale's weekly newspaper, agreed to run the store's adds for free in the paper in return for the Salvation Army's promise not to hold a band concert on their office's doorstep every Monday morning at 9:00 A.M.
"We are so grateful for the Times generosity," General Junkell was quoted as saying in the newspaper.
"God Bless them," his lovely wife Shirley chimed in with a well rehearsed smile and hand out seeking a donation from the reporter.

The adds were proof read and approved by the General and his lovely wife yesterday at a special tea held at the Store. The adds will be run every week until the middle of September.

The add campaign starts with a new range of Chubbettes used clothing for the 2010-11 school year consigned to the Thrift Store from Donaldson's Department Store's storage shed.

"What kind of parent would buy their kids Chubbettes clothes," said Morris Carp, manager of Donaldson's Department Store's Girls Clothing Department. "These clothes didn't sell in 1964 and by God they're not going to sell today. So, we gave them to the Salvationists. They preach miracles happen all around us, well let's see them prove it. I want to see them shift this lot of clothes!"

The Thrift Store's Boys Department's add features a full range of Plaid Toughskins, once popular in the early 1970's, the Thrift Store is hoping for a plaid revival in the 21st Century.

In addition to the Plaid Toughskins, Cloverdale's thrifty moms may want to spend a little bit more and outfit their sons in a new / old range of Tom Sawyer clothes. This add will run in next Sunday's paper with a note encouraging Cloverdale's value conscious families to purchase their Tom Sawyer clothes quickly while the supply lasts. The Tom Sawyer brand went out of business in 1981 so once sold out there will no others.

And finally, for the family with a healthy budget for school clothing, the Thrift Store offers a full range of Ladybird Clothing. These upmarket designs from the early 1960's are sure to please your little one's grandparents - reminding them of the days "when clothes were modest, descent and Christian!".

Friends, remember a dollar spent at the Thrift Store is a dollar that helps the homeless and destitute. Granted, there are none in Cloverdale at the moment, but when there are the Salvation Army will be ready to offer assistance and spiritual guidance.

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