Sunday, June 13, 2010

Johnny Butler Got In the School Newspaper.

The Head Master of Confederacy Primary School in Cloverdale started a school newspaper club to write a monthly newspaper to celebrate the accomplishments of the students. The club's charter has one undisputed rule; every student in the school had to be honored in the paper at least once during every school year.

Some students were easy to write about. They were the ones that got on the Honor Roll for outstanding marks in their subjects. Then there were the ones that won the science and history fairs. They were also the outstanding athletes, musicians and artists - all easy to write about. The monthly newspaper was full of their stories.

Things got tough toward the end of the year when the newspaper club reviewed the students not mentioned at all in the September to April issues. That meant the May edition had to include them to meet the administration's rule of "every student honored".

Student members of the club found the 'forgotten' students and interviewed them for the May edition. It took some digging but they found something printable.

Little Johnny Butler of 354 Maple Street proved to be the club's most difficult challenge.
"I can solve the Rubik Cube in 14 seconds!" Johnny announced during his final interview with the club's 6th grade reporter.

Johnny took the cube off the teacher's desk and 14 seconds later handed it to the reporter, solved - or so he thought. The reporter looked at the unsolved cube and was about to refute Johnny's statement when Johnny's teachers stopped her by putting her index finger up to her lips. The teacher led the reporter out of the classroom to speak privately.

"Johnny is color blind," the teacher said.
"oh, that makes sense," the 6th grade reporter replied. "Well, we will go ahead and report it as if were true."

Little Johnny Butler had is picture in the paper and the school newspaper ended another school year with its mandate met.

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