Sunday, April 18, 2010

Temor. Lost and Found.

A missing child alert was issued today by Cloverdale’s Constabulary. Two year old Temor Thompson disappeared from his home at 324 Allsop Drive at 1:00 P.M. His parents searched the neighborhood then called the police for assistance. A bulletin was displayed on Cloverdale Weekend Television and announced on Cloverdale Radio 1, 2 and 3. Villagers by the score left their homes to search their own neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Watch Committees set up road blocks on all roads leading out of the village. The Boy and Girl Scouts volunteered to search the parks. The Anglican Woman’s Guild began baking cookies for the searches and the Salvation Army set up their mobile Canteen on the High Street to distribute coffee, tea and sandwiches. The village churches opened their doors so worshippers could offer prayers for the quick recovery of little Temor. A few extra collection boxes were placed near the front door of St. Bartholomew's. A second round of donations might put the church over its goal to raise enough money to replace one of the organ's pipes that mysteriously produces a high pitch tone when played. The tone isn't noticeable to the older parishioners but younger ones with better hearing definitely hear it (as gaged by their reactions whenever that pipe is played).

The Kicking Donkey and the Hairy Lemon Pubs closed to encourage their patrons to join in the search. Both establishments offered free beer to the person or persons who found the boy. It was just what the doctor ordered to get those "couldn't be bothered" lay about pub crawlers out and looking.

Three hours later the search was officially called off. Little Temor was found. Apparently he had fallen asleep on his mother’s bed, rolled over and disappeared between the crack separating his parent’s twin beds. It wasn’t until he managed to get his head between the opening and screamed did Mrs. Thompson hear him.

Everyone is relieved. The village is returning to normal (or as normal as Cloverdale can get). Mr. and Mrs. Thompson found a babysitter for tonight so they can enjoy the free drinks the pubs offered to the person or persons that found the boy. They booked at table at the Kicking Donkey for 7:00 P.M. and another table at The Hairy Lemon for 9:00 P.M. Their best friends, The Pallers from next door, will accompany them. Mr. Paller isn't a drinker so he will be the designated driver.

A side note on the search. The police reported that two stolen bikes and Mrs. Waterfords lost cat Tiffany were found during the search so the village's efforts were not in vain.

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  1. Awesome. I love that the parents get the prize