Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Muffin and Dolly, Cloverdale's Sylvester and Tweety.

Muffin lives next door to Dolly the Parrot. They are Cloverdale’s very own Sylvester and Tweety. Muffin has one purpose in life and that is to remove Dolly from it. Dolly, seemingly unaware of the danger that lurks outside her window, is oblivious to the plotting and scheming. She sings all day to the delight of her owner, 74 year old Mary Verchellie.

Dolly is never allowed outside unless Mary is with her. On warm days Mary will work in the garden. She sits Dolly’s cage on the patio table while she works. Muffin has an uncanny ability to sense when Dolly is outside. Muffin knows how to manipulate her owner into opening the back door to let her out. Minutes pass while Muffin stalks her prey. Dolly’s singing awakens primal instincts in Muffin. These urges motivate Muffin into taking risky actions with Mary so close by.

Once Muffin made it as far as the cage itself. She had her paw on the door and was in the process of lifting the door to gain access to Dolly when the bristle end of Mary’s patio broom caught her from the side, sending her flying across the patio and into Mary’s prize rose bush. That day Mary declared war on her neighbor’s cat.

Because of her love for birds, Mary is Cloverdale’s leading cat hater and Muffin her number one target. Ever since that first encounter Mary has schemed ways to coax Muffin outside and into her back garden. Once there, Muffin is subjected to a Mary’s tricks and devices intended to cause pain and anguish.

The picture above was shot by Mary’s great niece just before Mary dumbed a bucket full of ice cold water on Muffin from the upstairs bedroom window.

Poor Muffin. She is a very determined cat that will never get her bird but it won’t keep her from trying.

Cloverdale, a village of harmony.......... in most cases.

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