Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sign Spotting in Cloverdale

Dear Readers,

One of my hobbies as a life long resident of Cloverdale is Sign Spotting. I'm sure you've heard of Train Spotting and Plane Spotting where rabid enthusiasts of a certain genre take their cameras on excursions to capture on film images of what they've spotted on their journeys. Well, I'm a sign spotter. I enjoy long walks through the village looking for unusual signs put up by people on purpose, hoping to illicit a certain effect or innocently and not realizing their sign may have other meanings.

Below are the first of many signs in my slowly growing collection. I hope you enjoy seeing them and realizing that the people of Cloverdale are a bit off center at best and off the charts at worst but all very lovable and eccentric in their own way.

Taken on the back fence of the Tealer Bloswell Software Company. Their software firm sits on the Coastal Highway four miles outside of Cloverdale.

This pictures was actually taken at Tamworth on Tide and not Cloverdale as I may have led you to believe in the introduction to this letter. It's a sign near one of the picnic areas near the beach on the Sea of Sorrows. I really have no explanation, which makes this sign one of the best in my collection.

A sign on one of the digging roads you find in the hills around Cloverdale. I think its a Confederacy of Dunces original. It's awesome, wouldn't you agree?

And of course this sign I found at St. Bartholomew's fund raising Jumble Sale a year ago. I thought it was for sale and asked the woman sitting at the table next to it for the price. She told me it wasn't for sale, it was to remind parents that their children needed to be attended to and not allowed to wander through the Church "Bringing Satan into a Holy Place," as she put it.
You could tell by her appearance that life hadn't been kind. Her face was drawn in like she'd been weaned on a pickle.

Anyway, I'm hoping you enjoyed a few of the signs found in a walk around Cloverdale (and surrounding communities).


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