Saturday, March 20, 2010

Margaret Wilburly Snell Introduces us to the Gnomensons

Margaret Wilburly Snell, a long time resident of Cloverdale and avid gardener, unvield her 2010 Gnome Garden family during a two hour open house held Saturday morning from 10:00 A.M. to Noon. at her home on Millberry Lane.

Margaret's friends filled her front parlor and kitchen. Tea poured freely along with a nice assortment of biscuits purchased the day before during an extended shopping trip at the Piggly Wiggly. Margaret's best china couldn't accommodate everyone that arrived leaving a very panicked Margaret in a rush to the neighbors to borrow tea services. By 10:00 A.M. everyone was seated, drinking tea, eating biscuits and doing what Margaret loves most, talking garden gnomes. Cloverdale's gnome enthusiasts carry pictures of their gnomes to show off whenever given the opportunity. You'll see them proudly exchanging pictures of their ceramic families on park benches, at the check out stand, while filling their cars at the Piggy Mart or during the sermons in the various community churches.

Margaret moved from group to group welcoming everyone to her home. She was sure to admire their photos of their newest additions to their gnome families. At the appointed hour she moved the piano where she had earlier set up the card table from the garage. The table was covered in a lace tablecloth. The gnomes stood at the center of the table, covered by an empty shipping box of Lucky Charms she remembered to ask for while at the Piggly Wiggly. The box was wrapped in silver birthday wrapping and topped with a red bow. Margaret sat at the piano, cracked her knuckles to loosen her joints and ran off a flurry of notes to bring the room to a quiet.

"My friends and fellow Gnomologists, I want to welcome each and every one of you to my home to meet the newest additions to my family of gnomes moving to Cloverdale to take residence in my petunias during the 2010 season," Margaret said with a broad smile that nearly stretched from ear to ear.

Nancy Harkly, a long time friend from Margaret's earliest days at school, clapped politely - bringing the rest of the parlor into applause. Margaret blushed and took an uncomfortable bow. Margaret's husband Earl, chucked to himself from his bedroom. He never understood his wife's passion for gnomes but early in their marriage learned that whatever made her happy would eventually make him happy as well.

"Thank you and thank you so very much," Margaret said. "Well, without further fanfare shall we meet Cloverdale's newest citizens, the Gnomensons?"
And at that, Margaret lifted the box to reveal her newest family members. Again the room broke into enthusiastic applause. Margaret stood next to her little people with arms outstretched like one of those models you see standing next to the newest car model at the downtown dealership.

Margaret's backyard Gnomeland. A treat for visitors from all across the Shire.

Margaret spent the remainder of her time reading the story of the Gnomensons she'd written the previous week. Included in the history she'd written brief personality sketches of each family member - all to the delight of the assembled gathering. These extra touches make a Margaret Wilburly Snell gathering an event never to be missed.

The village of Cloverdale welcomes all the gnomes about to take their places in our community's gardens. Welcome to Spring!

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