Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sally Klien, Master Baker and Professional Protester.

Sally Klien works at Cloverdale’s Moss Wonderland Bakery. She’s up every morning at 4:00 A.M. so she has enough time to clock in at the Bakery thirty minutes later. Sally enters through the back door, turns on the lights and sets to work preparing the dough for the morning’s first fresh hot loafs of bread and rolls. Mr. Moss arrives at 6:00 A.M. to start on the day’s cakes. He and Sally enjoy a cup of hot coffee after he’s had time to take off his coat and hat. They both consider themselves experts on world affairs and enjoy their ten minute debates before other duties call them away.

The bakery opens at 7:00 A.M. Sally continues her work in the back away from the busy front counter. The shop quickly fills with locals stopping in for something quick, hot and tasty on their way to work. Sally has always wanted to work the front counter but Mr. Moss won’t hear of it. He insists Sally’s true talent is in her baking. Her rolls are simply to die for, as the poster accurately states in the front window. Sally yields to her employer’s wishes. She knows she makes excellent pastries but yearns for the human interaction that comes from the front counter.

At 12:30 P.M. Sally clocks out. Traditionally she and Mr. Moss take tea and biscuits in the staff room before she leaves. And again, as they always do, they solve the world’s problems, wondering why the world’s leaders refuse to see solutions as plain as the noses on their faces.

Her afternoon walk home is never rushed. Sally lives alone so there is nothing pressing waiting for her. Being single in a small village can mean loneliness so Sally does what she can to branch out and meet other like minded single adults.

One thing Sally enjoys more than anything else are protest rallies. She scourers the daily newspapers daily looking for demonstrations in Capital City. It doesn’t matter whats being protested, Sally will protest anything, as long as she’s with a group of civic minded people willing to stand up and speak their minds. Surely someday, if she attends enough of them, she’ll find someone to date and perhaps marry. At least that’s what she hopes.

Sally keeps one sign at the ready near the front door. It has never let her down in the past. Its a real attention grabber and that’s what she’s seeking - Attention.

Friends I present Sally Klien of 32 Orchard Road, Cloverdale.

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