Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dr. Rex Slathers MD, Renewed for a Second Season On Cloverdale Weekend Television

Dr. Rex Slathers M.D. in his Surgery

Yesterday, Cloverdale Weekend Television announced the continuation of its reality series Dr.Rex Slathers M.D. This renewal surprised many, considering the first season’s low ratings. Our insider at CWT told us the Chairman of CWT made the decision to cancel the series, then suddenly changed his mind under pressure from his elderly mother who convinced him to sign Dr. Rex Slathers M.D. for a second season. It was her favorite show, after her afternoon soap operas of course. It should also be noted that the fourth episode of the first season starred the Chairman’s mother. She was the unnamed patient suffering from gall stones and chronic bad breath.

Other highlights of the first season included Dr. Rex’s diagnosis of sever indigestion, loose stools, acne, bloating, sprained ankles and a variety of exotic rashes. You laughed as Dr. Rex squirmed in front of the 6th grade boys and their dads at Confederacy Elementary School's yearly Maturation Clinic. Those of you with color television saw his face turn salsa red when he covered the correct terms for certain parts of the body. “Maturation Clinic” was the season’s most popular episode with a 13% viewership from all households in Cloverdale as polled by the Jepperson Family Polling and Survey Company.

Bob and Eve Jepperson live at 354 Evergreen Circle with their ten children and maiden aunt. The Jeppersons contract their polling services to CWT on a regular basis to supplement Bob’s salary as a clerk at the local Hardware Hank. The Jeppersons don’t use the telephone to conduct surveys. Most people won’t answer their phones if the phone number isn’t recognized. Instead of the phone, the Jeppersons use their family members to canvas the village’s neighborhoods at night to record what people are watching.

Cloverdale’s citizens are accustom to seeing members of the Jepperson family prowling through their yards and peering through their windows. The days of having to bail his children out of jail for trespassing are gone thanks to a newspaper ad CWT produced to introduce the villagers to the Jeppersons and the vital service they provide to the community.
“You can sleep well at night knowing the Jeppersons are in your neighborhood, watching what you watch” was the tag line in bold print at the top of the add.
Dr. Rex Slathers M.D.’s next season is being filmed right now. CWT’s cameras follow the doctor as he makes his house calls and treats patients at his walk in surgery. Two episodes are in post production.

  • Airing September 21st. Episode 17 “The Deaf Can Hear!” An episode filmed while the Doctor and his nurse used modern techniques to clear ear wax from the residents of the Nearly There Home for the Elderly and Infirmed.

  • Airing September 28th: Episode 18 “Oops” An episode covering Dr. Rex’s missed diagnoses of 8 year old Matthew Snoops of 21 Lake View Terrace. Dr. Rex diagnosed the young boy with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when in reality the boy had diabetes. See the doctor work feverishly to bring the boy out of a diabetic coma. The episode ends on a happy note with the boy learning to inject himself with insulin and accidental hitting Dr. Rex’s thigh with the needle.

Once again, don’t forget to set your Tivo’s to record the next season of Dr. Rex Slathers M.D. right here on Cloverdale Weekend Television.

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