Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lily's Last Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving time in Cloverdale. The village’s three supermarkets were crowded all day with shoppers picking up their last minute items for tomorrow’s feast. The train station was ready for holiday travellers. Every train in and out of Cloverdale was full, with standing room only. Families nation wide are gathering to celebrate and give thanks for the Lord’s goodness and mercy.

Mrs. Lily Lamberth is thankful for her life today. Earlier this morning her son, daughter in law and grand children brought her home from the hospital. Her cancer is spreading. Modern medicine can only slow its progress. Her treatments leave her weak and prone to sickness and infection. Two weeks ago she caught pneumonia. It was a battle she nearly lost. Over the days she grew weaker. Her breathing could barely fill her affected lungs. One week ago a priest was summoned. Lily clutched his hand as he prayed. It seemed her 73 years were drawing to a close.

The following few days witnessed a dramatic reversal in her condition. She grew stronger. Her breathing was less laborious. The doctors announced she would recover. Heaven was willing to wait.

The family stopped at St. Bartholomew’s on their way home from the hospital. Lily insisted on giving thanks for her life and the extension God granted. Then it was home. Lily struggled to get out of the car. Her legs weren’t use to carrying her weight. Her son helped her through the door of her modest two bedroom apartment on Willow Lane. Her eyes lit the moment she was seated in her own chair in her own living room surrounded by the people and things that make a house a home. Once Lily was seated and comfortable, her grandson opened the bedroom door and out scampered Molly, Lily’s trusted companion since her husband died four years earlier. She took her friend by the collar and pulled her close. Their foreheads touched.

Many people fear death. Lily isn't one of them. Over the years she's lost many people dear to her. Her faith tells her they will be together again and that gives her peace and hope. She's had a wonderful, happy life. But when her time comes, it will happen in her home, under her terms, surrounded by her family and Molly.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner will be brought to Lily. The family will gather around the small kitchen table to spend one last Thanksgiving with the royal lady they love so dearly.

Lily has much to be thankful for and she remembers all of them, including Molly, in her prayers.

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