Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ruggers Family Roadside Pumpkin Patch

Hello Friends,
One of my favorite places to visit when in Cloverdale in October is the Ruggers Family Roadside Pumpkin Patch operated by Ned and Abigail Rugger for the last 23 years. You can’t miss it if you're traveling south on Highway 1 about three miles out of town.

Ned and Abigail created a haven for Halloween enthusiasts and lovers of pumpkins in general. Inside their store you’ll find pumpkins for purchase in their natural state, ready for your carving knife, or you can purchase one of the many pre carved pumpkins. The decorated pumpkins are displayed on consignment. If they sell, the carver shares the profit with the Ruggers. Many pre carved pumpkins come from Cloverdale’s school children. The Ruggers are generous with the Shire’s schools. The Ruggers donate their profit from any school carved pumpkin back to the school.

In addition to the pumpkins, the Ruggers offer the Autumn lover a variety of pumpkin products. You’d do yourself a mischief if you didn’t walk away without one of Mrs. Ruggers 14 inch Great Pumpkin Pies. This specialty pie comes 3 inches deep, oozing with the rich smells of nutmeg, clover and cinnamon. In addition to the pies, the Pumpkin Patch Bakery produces exquisite loafs of pumpkin bread, dozens of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and dishes of pumpkin puddings.

Pumpkin cider is served hot at half price with the purchase of any pumpkin donut, frosted with a merry orange pumpkin glaze. This hot cider, pumpkin treat is best enjoyed after one of the Ruggers twilight hay rides out to the pumpkin patches to gather the next day’s display pumpkins.

Watch out, there are rumors the Rugger’s youngest son Eugene may be hiding in the brushes surrounding the patches dressed to scare the unsuspecting merry makers happily secure amidst the hay bales. Eugene has an assortment of Halloween costumes he uses for the occasion. His girl friend Misty helps with the make up.

The Ruggers want to invite everyone to the yearly Pumpkin Theater held just behind the roadside store this Friday evening. Pull up one of the wooden stools or bring your own lawn chair and enjoy hot slices of fresh pumpkin bread dripping with sweet cream butter while enjoying this year’s performance of Ichabod Crane, The Headless Horseman, brought to you by the Coverdale’s Repertory Acting Company.
I can’t wait!

Folks, I want to again urge you to visit Ruggers Family Roadside Pumpkin Patch the next time you’re in Cloverdale. Hurry though, Its almost Halloween!

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