Monday, September 7, 2009

Soon, the Harvest and the Harvest Fair.

Hello Friends,

It’s nearly harvest time in the Confederacy of Dunces. And harvest time means everyone will soon be preparing for the social highlight of the Fall - the Shire’s Harvest Fair in the beautifully and tastefully decorated village park in Cloverdale.

The village council meets every fortnight to finalize the Fair’s schedule and events. Much of what’s discussed is kept close to the vest. The Lord Mayor is determined not to allow leaks.
“Secrets are to be kept secret,” the mayor emphasized in a recent interview with a writer for the Confederacy Times, printed weekly in Cloverdale. “We don’t want anyone to know who we’re bringing in to open the fair. We don’t want anyone to know who the judges will be for the contests now do we? Can you imagine the heartache. Take for example the judging of the Shire’s most delicious tomatoes. What if I were to name you to be the judge and word got out in your paper? That’s right. You’d be hounded morning, noon and night by every gardener in the Shire seeking to gain your favor. Those blue ribbons are valuable don’t you know. Each one awarded increases your social standing in the community. I should know. How to you think I got to be Lord Mayor? It wasn’t for my brains don’t you know. Listen, come close and I’ll tell you. It was the blue ribbon I won for the largest pumpkin the year of the election. That blue ribbon gave me this job. Now don’t you doubt what I’m saying. It’s the truth so help me God.”

Yes, the Harvest Fair is nearly upon us. Keep reading for news as the date approaches and if I should hear anything of interest.......... rest assured you’ll be the first to know.

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