Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finda and Gordon Entertain at the Kicking Donkey Pub.

Finda and Gordon Brown live at 12 Winchester Circle in Cloverdale. They love their nice red brick two bedroom bungalow. It has a well kept front garden inhabited by a family of resin garden gnomes Finda found in a bring and buy sell at a village Lutheran Church while on holiday in Germany in 1983. The back garden is a bit of a bother so it suffers from minor overgrowth. Refilling the bird bath and feeder is the only thing that draws Finda out the back door. Gordon braves the botanical land of the giants on trash collection day. Its where he keeps the bins.

Gordon is five years retired from the Wonka Tobacco Works. Finda retired from the Confederacy Post Office three years ago. They enjoy their time together playing bridge, watching their favorite shows on Cloverdale Weekend Television, volunteering at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and grocery shopping at the Red Owl. Finda clips coupons while Gordon searches their rather extensive collection of recipe books for new and tasty dishes they’ve not tried before. A lack of money separated them from fine dining while their three children were growing up. In those days the family ate from a set menu based on their combined incomes.

  • Monday: Macaroni and Cheese with kool aid
  • Tuesday: Juno’s Frozen Pizza with kool aid
  • Wednesday: Fish Sticks with kool aid
  • Thursday: Soup or Chili with bread and kool aid
  • Friday: Hamburgers on a bun. Home made root beer
  • Saturday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with kool aid
  • Sunday: Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy with kool aid
Now that the kids are gone and the house is paid off, the Browns have disposable income. They're living the good life. Their surplus cash is spent on food. The excess calories have their reward - Gordon's waist expanded beyond every sewing fix Finda found in a library book titled Sewing for a Growing Husband.

On Saturday evenings Finda and Gordon finish supper at 8:00 P.M. Finda changes into her best dress and costume jewelry. Gordon slips on his white leather shoes and pink sweater (it was white once until Gordan tried to wash it with a newly purchased red towel). They walk arm and arm toward the Train Station and right through the doors of the Kicking Donkey Pub for Open Mic Night.

In the picture above Finda sings two of Abba’s famous hits. Gordon accompanies on the electronic organ. The pub supplies the drummer (who couldn’t make it the night this picture was taken. Apparently he had a better paying gig at the Goldstein’s wedding at the Knights of Columbus Hall. He played drums for Cloverale’s very own wedding singer, Frank (the Meadowlark) Pustill.

As a rule, the Browns refuse to take the stage until well past 10:00 P.M. This guarantees a pretty sauced audience. A tipsy room better tolerates Finda’s voice and Gordon's missed keys. If Finda is in good form her music has been known to motivate a few of the older couples to take to the dance floor and break into disco.

At three songs they hit their limit and surrender the stage to the next performer. Who, by the way, is usually Luella Flipsborn, the alto Baptist soloist. Her large 65 year old chest produces sounds other accomplished vocalists never thought possible.

If its Saturday night and you’ve extinguished everything recorded on your Tivo, I urge you to put on your dancing shoes and join many of your neighbors at the Kicking Donkey. Please be sure to stay until Finda and Gordon have had their way with you. I guarantee their music will always be remembered.

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