Thursday, September 24, 2009

ElderKaraoke, Tonight on Cloverdale Weekend Television.

ElderKaraoke airs live tonight on Cloverdale Weekend Television from The Kicking Donkey Pub in Cloverdale's beautiful village centre. This show is brought to you by the same people that captivated your imagination with such one hit wonders as Train Spotting and What's in our Bath Tubs.

Residents of the Nearly There Home for the Elderly and Insane auditioned by video for a spot on the show. The winning lip syncing geriatric, as determined by those in attendance and those watching over television, will be given an all expense paid trip by train to Capital City where they will stay in the recently remodeled Super 8 Motor Lodge and enjoy two complimentary meals at the Galaxy All You Can Eat Buffet found three miles from city centre on the city's ring road. Of course, the television station's lawyers required a physical to ensure the winner is capable of traveling by train and is capable of intelligent, independent thought.

What you about to see is one of the many audition tapes sent by the residents of Nearly There Home for the Elderly and Insane. If you like what you see please follow the prompts at the bottom of the screen during the live show tonight. This is the audition tape for contestant 13. The Home will not release his name pending notification of the next of kin.

We apologize that contestant 12's tape wasn't included as promised for your consideration. Contestant 12 died last night at the Home due to complications resulting from swallowed dentures.

Remember, for the best in family viewing watch Cloverdale Weekend Television.

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