Sunday, August 16, 2009

Murtle Fetches the Morning Paper

Murtle lives at 31 Manor House Drive in Cloverdale. She has once again overdressed to collect the morning paper. If the paperboy’s throw lands the paper against the front door then her simple blue house coat with lace trim and slippers will do. If it lands on the porch then a dress and make up are required (as seen above). If the paper lands in the yard then I’m afraid formal wear would be expected. Most of the morning would be spent in preparation leaving little or no time whatsoever to actually read the paper before the other day’s duties required her attention.

Murtle’s husband is trained well in Murtle’s idiosyncrasies. He has learned to cook and clean. He has learned to give her several days notice for an evening out to get a burger. A week’s notice for a movie. A month’s notice is expected for a dinner party. And Christmas keeps Murtle in a constant state of anxiety.

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