Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ned. A Peculiar Dog

Ned is owned by the Bartletts. They live in a double wide trailer a stone’s throw from Avalanche Trail, a favorite hiking place for Cloverdale outdoor enthusiasts. Ned spends his days waiting for hikers and barking at the sun. The Bartletts erected a weathered wooden sign at the start of the trail warning hikers to “beware of the dog.” I suppose the warning is a bit misleading. Ned is not a vicious dog. He doesn’t bite. The warning is for Ned’s peculiar ways. He’s a sniffer and likes to mark his territory on moving targets, like hiker’s legs. The CSPCA (Confederacy Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) urges locals to approach Ned with care. Walk by briskly and with purpose. If he raises a leg, change tactics and zig zag back and forth throwing him off balance. Hopping, cocking a leg and marking territory is difficult for Ned when following a zig zagging target. If he persists, a quick kick in the snout will put him off the scent. Don’t worry about the yelping. The Bartletts won’t mind.

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