Friday, April 10, 2009

Tommy's Stolen Kiss

Tommy’s Stolen Kiss

Tommy Ray was in love,
With his classmate Rachel Dove.
In Sister Grace’s Third Grade play
Given at the end of May,
She was the Queen of Camelot
And he the brave knight Lancelot.

In Act three his sword unsheathed,
He slayed the Dragon of Mythareed.
The Queen, once captive now was free.
The audience could plainly see,
A debt was owed, her price to pay,
A kiss for Lancelot was due that day.

In Act four, the closing scene,
Under the paper moon’s bright gleam
The time had come to claim his prize
And right before the assembled eyes
He kissed her lips and not her cheek
The audience gasped, and Rachel shrieked.

Tommy Ray was in love
With the angry Rachel Dove.
A week was spent out of school
A punishment to learn a rule.
To steal a kiss at any age
can bring a very unwelcomed rage.

(Yes, I wrote this one. It's 3:43 A.M. I woke up at 3:00 A.M. My stomach was reacting to the overcooked Bloomin Onion I ate at Outback earlier in the evening. While waiting for the antacid to bring the boiling down I had some time to write this entry. So, you can thank Outback for this. And now if you'll excuse me, I'll attempt to pass out. I'm guessing I'll be unsuccessful as I usually am when woken up so early in the morning. I'll just sit here in bed staring at the wall while listening to the clock. In a couple hours I'll get up and go to work. I could put on the all night news channel but why add depression to an upset stomach? Pathetic isn't it?)

None of the girls in Sister Grace's class will speak to Tommy. He is referred to as 'the wicked boy' by many of the nuns. The script called for a sweet innocent peck on the cheek but Tommy's love for Rachel drove him into unscripted territory. Unfortunately for him, Rachel is the most popular girl in the third grade at St. Bartholomew's Catholic School and a favorite of many of the Sisters of Every Increasing Hope.

On the bright side Tommy's popularity has soared with the boys at St. Bartholomew's. The third grade boys look at him in awe. Many of the sixth grade boys refer to him as a 'stud'. The older boys allow him to hang out with them on their section of the playground during recess. He is asked over and over again what it was like to kiss a girl. "It's sick," Tommy answers. Tommy knows their language and speaks it fluently. The boys all nod their head in agreement wondering when their day will come. Somebody produces a football and instantly their attention is diverted. No more time to talk about girls, now is the time to get grass stains on their school uniforms.

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